The Jist of It

New beginnings are always very difficult for me, strange considering that my lifestyle has forever demanded an adaptation to change. In the past few months, however, I’ve been acutely aware of the unknown and the realization that for the first time ever I have the ability to control where I go from here: what I do, the development of my hopes and dreams, and the evolution of who I am in this world as an individual. The transition, I’ve found, has taken an extreme toll on what has otherwise always been my bubbly and optimistic personality, and I am determined to retrieve my adventurous, optimistic, artistic and carefree attitudes about life in general.

And thus this blog was born not as a hobby but as a necessity to maintain a sense of direction and sanity as I very clumsily navigate through all of the mishaps that I unfailingly find myself encountering. “De Bon Matin” is an outlet of sorts. It is a way for me to express myself no strings attached, and to give myself a bit of time every day to focus on the simple and beautiful things that I love. I am in a sense “bright and early” in this world, and I would like to thank you ahead of time for continuing with me through the craziness that is my life.

My name is Audrey. I am eighteen, awkwardly tall, and attending a rather prestigious southern college. I read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies. I travel whenever I can to wherever I can. I like quotes and pink and glitter and pretty things.

Thanks so much for visiting!




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