Wanderlust: Chitown

If you know me, you are keenly aware of my inability to withstand being in one place for too long. It is true, I’ll always be a Florida girl at heart; I love the warmth and the beach and Gulf seafood more than anything. But if you asked me where I’d rather be, I’d say Chicago without hesitation.

Which is funny because I’ve only been there once. I guess that’s kind of when you know it’s true love; seeing a place for the first time and just feeling like you belong. Do I wish to freeze for the majority of the year? Ok, that little bit is questionable, but in every other way it’s the perfect city.


I spent a day in Chitown last spring, braving the wind to walk the length of the Magnificent Mile, completely enthralled by Lake Michigan in all it’s pristine glory.


Then there was the deep-dish pizza from Gino’s. Absolutely amazing. Chicago is the perfect city, seriously. Not as big as New York, not as sprawled out as LA, still historical and renowned. Hopefully, in three more years I’ll be able to call it home, instead of daydreaming all day.


Of course, I didn’t have enough time to do nearly as much as I really wanted (Chicago hotdogs, Navy pier, etc.) But I’m praying that the Ad Society at my school is being for real about taking a trip up there this semester. I’d give anything.

Safe to say, I’ve been daydreaming of Chitown all day. Time to start building my winter wardrobe.




Now Playing

This past week has sure been somethin’ else. Sick with the stomach flu, head feeling like someone took a baseball bat to it, heart… can’t even talk about that. I’m one of those people who my mood extremely dictates my music selections. Here’s a little taste of the past seven days:

1) Fade Into You– Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio


2) Poison and Wine– The Civil Wars

~I’m on a big Civil Wars kick right now. This is just one of like seven songs of theirs that I love. Of course, it’s sad, but their VOICES. It gives me the chills.~

3) She is Love– Parachute

~Who is love? She’s love? Can I be love? I wanna be love.~

4) Fast Car– Boyce Avenue

~Oldie but a goodie, renewed.~

5) Who You Are– Ed Sheeran

~Because why not through some good ol’ Ed in there.~

It’s amazing and frustrating how completely against you the world feels sometimes. This weekend, I just know, is going to be a tough one. I’m trying to learn how to go into situations with an open heart, and to stay true to myself in the end. It’s the wondering and worrying that nicks and scratches my heart bit by bit.

Here’s to figuring it all out.



You-Tube Find!


First off, I apologize for the seemingly excessive health/fitness related blog posts (ok so there are like, what, two? but I feel excessive so my apologies regardless.) In this lovely effort to get myself grounded on actually enjoying life instead of stressing over every single minor complication, I am on this total mission to work out and actually burn the majority of my anxiety before it drives me crazy.

Problem: I hate gyms. And exercising outdoors. Or basically wherever people regularly frequent. The issue is simple insecurity. I look at other people when they’re working out, I admit it! So, obviously they’ve noticed me too! Which is not ok when I’m totally out of shape and horribly self-conscious. SO, until I’ve reached a level of comfort, and until the group classes at the gym become more available to the public (I can handle those; there are plenty of people worse than I) I needed some solution.


I have found an angel on earth, and her name is Adriene, and I am officially becoming  a yogi.


If you’re interested in just learning the basics or learning poses, or even learning a more advanced sequence, I highly HIGHLY suggest checking her out! Truth be told, I was a little stiff from fencing and ab workouts yesterday, and I just wanted to loosen up a bit. So I am currently chilling on my dorm floor with my mat rolled out after the beginner’s video, which I guessed would give me a good enough stretch for tonight, and I’m hooked.

Another fitness adventure down! Y’all keep checking in, I have health recipes and maybe some rock climbing or kayaking or who knows what next!

Namaste and cheers!


On Wednesdays We…

… develop very intense athletic aspirations.

SO, this weekend was spent with a very dear friend of mine, Jenna-Leigh, competitive pentathlete and fencer extraordinaire. And thus, I have been introduced to the world of fencing.

My first lessons were tonight, working on conditioning and basic attack and retreat footwork. I’ll be practicing in the épée style, which basically means a lot smaller movements, different rules for right-of-ways, and a few other key differences that I’ve either already forgotten or I just haven’t been exposed to yet (I’m not crazily yielding a sword, contrary to popular belief and the natural assumption given my awkwardness.)

So far, I’ve been told that I have really good form for a beginner, and it all feels natural and controlled, which is awesome because I missed having a sport that I am (decently) good at and actually willing to work for. It seems a little strange, getting involved in something like that so late, but I’m beyond excited. And training with Jenna is really motivational. The worst part is obviously getting back in the swing of things: running and doing ab workouts, and strengthening key muscle groups in my arms and legs. It’s been 2 days of working out again and I totally feel it, but it’s good.

So that’s my latest adventure, to say the least. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on how this goes! Who knows, if I can get one of my other friends to teach me how to properly swim we may have a future pentathlete on our hands!

Oh, and of course I have ten minutes until Thursday, giving me a little time to include some Wednesday inspiration to get everyone through the rest of the week ( TWO MORE DAYS!)


And here we are! I thought this properly ties everything together, given the fitness nature of this post. Ok I’m off to study for a lovely Mass Media test I totally blanked about yay!

cheers to all!


Sunday Funday

Hey there! 

My apologies for being so absent these past couple of days. It”s been a needlessly stressful week. On top of attempting to manage two jobs, an internship, volunteer work and a full load of classes, I’ve been handing plenty of personal drama (which is not my forté to say the least.) 

Anywho, I decided to escape the hustle of campus life to sunny and very cold Tampa. It’s been a welcome hiatus of activity, if you don’t include the text I just received asking who is covering my shift. It never ends! Oh well; I’m certainly not one to complain about the glory of a paycheck. 

I’ve felt very international these past two days, surrounded by my good friend’s South African family who has quickly made me feel very welcome and at home. I just hope that all the stress I feel encroaching on me goes away. I know I’m loading my plate up way too high with to-dos, and I pray I can manage it all or hello, anxiety attack! I hate that feeling of my chest tightening when I know there’s one approaching. Here’s to hoping that I can ward it off and be as spritely as ever.

Hope you all are having a lovely three-day weekend! Kayaking adventures (hopefully) tomorrow! 



A New Year


My first resolution of the year was simply to have more reasonable resolutions, a goal I believe I’ve accomplished fairly well.

Here are a few of my goals for the new year:

1) Be more involved on campus, particularly in the few clubs that I discovered last semester. I want to be able to make a lasting impression somewhere, which isn’t particularly easy in a school of 50,000.

2) Limit my spending to “The List.” I have terrible retail therapy issues that can only be resolved with extreme self-control. And with a new job and some extra cash, I know I have to be extra careful. Therefore, I’ve created a list limiting everything I can buy for myself (not necessities) for the semester. I am so beyond determined to actually own more than $100 at any given time.

3) Be happy with myself. Still a work in progress

4) Do something artistic every day. I’m including blogging in this, since writing is OBVIOUSLY a form of expression.

5) Utilize an actual agenda. My year is currently being planned all in Kate Spade, in an effort to keep my time more organized.

6) Be less quick to emotional responses. (i.e. cry less, think more.)

7) Get more sleep! Even if I want to stay up until 2 am attempting to finish season 5 of Gossip Girl.

8) Take more pictures. One of my regrets is not taking nearly enough over break. And also have my picture taken. At some point. When I have money.

9) Take more risks for myself. I don’t really know what that entails, but I’m thinking that when I see it I’ll know.

10) Stop comparing myself to other people. There’s always going to be differences, but there’s no reason to feel inferior because I am me. And honestly, I’m pretty dang fabulous.


I decided that this year I want to go with the trends and do a 2014 word of the year to live by. So… drum roll please…


Fearless. I’m steadily coming to terms with the fact that my future is in my own hands, and I can do whatever I’d like with it, and mistakes are ok.

So here’s to (belated) new years, and new beginnings! May we make the best of them!



“A Smile is the Best Introduction”



Hey there! Introductions are generally rather painful for me, so I decided that a quick Q&A would suffice so we can carry on to the fun(ner) stuff. So here you are… Enjoy!

“Who are you?” 

I’m Audrey. I’m a freshman in college in the South. I love to travel, eat, shop, and watch reruns of No Reservations. Someday I want to work for an advertising agency (hopefully in Chicago). 

“What does De Bon Matin mean?”

It translates in French to “bright and early.” 

“So why is that the title?”

I debated and stressed for a very very long time over the title of this blog, which is pretty dang ironic considering that it’s supposed to be an anxiety reliever. After failing to think of fun puns that had anything to do with my name, I settled on this French saying for two reasons. The first is that I love French and Paris and I’m working really hard to go sometime soon. The second reason is it kind of defines my life right now. Bright and early at the brink of adulthood. Wide-eyed, anxious, excited, and admittedly terrified for the next couple of years. 

I’m fairly certain that covers most of the basics. Feel free to jump over to the page titled The Jist of It for a bit more information if you’re feeling up to it. Otherwise, thanks for joining me on this adventure!