Feeling Sentimental

Facebook is loaded up with graduation images now, given that it’s that time of the year, and I’m feeling fairly bittersweet about it.  It’s been an extremely short and action-packed year, moving to Europe and starting/finishing my freshman year at a huge university. Needless to say, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, learned a lot […]

Welcome, Summer

As I write this, I thank God I am fortunate enough to be sitting outside with the smell of chicken on the grill and the aroma of flowers making this day feel like the first actual day of my summer. That being said, summer “started” on April 26th, but what followed was a flurry of […]

Procrastination Nation

Kudos to you for sticking around if you’re reading this, seriously. It’s been like a month since spring break? And I haven’t been anywhere to be found. Lucky for everyone, nothing terribly exciting has happened between now and then (although I do feel bad that I left with a “Spring Break Part 1” and no […]

Wednesday Words of Wisdom!

Wow! It’s been an entire week since my last post! That’s kind of depressing; I’m so sorry! It just proves how horribly insanely and wonderfully busy I’ve been the past week. Do you ever just have so, so, so much on your plate you don’t know what to do with yourself, but you know you’d […]

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, while it was snowing in most of the rest of the country! I was able to put my new running shorts to use, and went on a good run with my roommate Amber mid-day without dying. I’m loving everything; the gorgeous weather, my classes, and feeling healthy and fit. […]

ABC’s of Me

Current State of the Union: Laying in bed in my dorm, donning a sweatshirt and socks, very likely to fall asleep whilst writing up this post, and avoiding all responsibility that I have at the moment. In a nutshell, I’m giving myself this afternoon to be fairly lazy after this hectic, exhausting week. I’ve seen […]

Wish List: Spring Break 2014

WOOHOO SPRING BREAK 2014! The tickets have been purchased, the excursions are being finalized, and I am officially flying off to the good ol’ Lone Star state on February 28th which is THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY to the lovely, wonderful, perfect Lone Star State for an entire week with my friend Jessica. Much excitement! First […]