Welcome, Summer

As I write this, I thank God I am fortunate enough to be sitting outside with the smell of chicken on the grill and the aroma of flowers making this day feel like the first actual day of my summer. That being said, summer “started” on April 26th, but what followed was a flurry of packing and relocating, hasty goodbyes as I made my rounds seeing all of the relatives and acting as ambassador to the Zipperer clan.

Last week I spent a good majority of my time recuperating from jet lag after spending close to 9 hours of air time traveling to Stuttgart. This weekend was an exhausting flurry of sightseeing and basketball tournament-watching (the latter of the two because of my brother) in Bruges, Belgium. It was beautiful but I unfortunately and regretfully admit that I don’t have any pictures to share. Apparently in my haste to fit my entire wardrobe into my duffle/suitcase I forgot my camera charger, and my phone spent most of its time dead and forgotten in my purse. Later, I will possibly steal some of the pictures my mom managed to take. I’m assuming that you’ll take my word for it when I say that it was gorgeous.

I’m excited to have a bit more time on my hands that I can devote to documenting some of my (many) adventures that I know this summer will hold. Now I just have to wait and hope that the nice weather stays. Shorts weather is bae.

Tchuss! (German slang for “Bye!”)



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