Procrastination Nation

Kudos to you for sticking around if you’re reading this, seriously. It’s been like a month since spring break? And I haven’t been anywhere to be found. Lucky for everyone, nothing terribly exciting has happened between now and then (although I do feel bad that I left with a “Spring Break Part 1” and no “Part 2”)

Here’s a bit of a recap of what went down:

Jess and I went and saw Wicked in Austin and it was awesome, although I still think I like The Lion King a bit more.

We climbed up Enchanted Rock and ate BBQ at Cooper’s in Lanno, which way heaven.

We went two-stepping at Midnight Rodeo, allowing me to use my boots for some purpose and practice my “get away from me creepy old man” skills.

We spent a lot of money on breakfast tacos.

And that’s really all! Since then, I’ve been working and not really doing a lot of homework and being rather unproductive but feeling like until this summer when European adventures commence I won’t have a ton to write about. But here we go, back to the ol’ blog until the next bit of procrastination and boredom rolls around!

Also, it’s Wednesday!!

procrastination quote




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