Spring Break 2014: Part 1

My sincerest apologies for being completely MIA for like what, 2 weeks? Totally not my style, but it’s been crazy with midterms and junk that I totally just did not have the time to sit down and write a decent post. So now, not thinking about watching econ lectures or checking calc grades, here I am halfway through spring break and feeling calm, cool, and collected. SB2014 was decided basically midway through fall semester, when my friend Jessica and I decided that the beach was too busy and cliche and Austin, Texas, where her family lives, would treat us well for a week. And we were sure as heck right.


{in front of the iconic Greetings from Austin mural}

We got in late Friday, grabbed some chicken fajitas at Lupe’s down the street, then spent Saturday exploring downtown 2nd Street and getting burgers at Hopdoddy’s. If you know me, you know I can’t pass up local iconic food.

Sunday was raining and cold, so we went bowling with the fambam then settled in with some Uno’s Trattoria takeout goodness and the Oscars (sad face once again that Leo didn’t win!)

Monday we toured the Capitol building, stopped by the mall, where I got a killer business skirt from Express 😉 then went on over to Gourdough’s. Fun fact about Austin: you can buy anything edible out of a truck. So a doughnut covered in honey, peanut butter, grilled bananas and bacon totally happened.

Yesterday we walked down 2nd Street again for a bit, then stopped by Barnes and Noble for a short while since they closed ours in Gainesville. Rude.

AND TODAY, finally, we ventured over to Hamilton Pool which is seriously one of the coolest natural phenomenons I’ve ever seen. On the way home we stopped by Baguette et Chocolat, where I spent way too much money on crepes and macaroons.


That’s only the first half of the fun! The next few days are jam-packed; I have no idea how we’re going to fit everything in! Hope you all are enjoying your break, or if you’ve yet to have it, best of luck on midterms!




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