Wish List: Spring Break 2014


The tickets have been purchased, the excursions are being finalized, and I am officially flying off to the good ol’ Lone Star state on February 28th which is THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY to the lovely, wonderful, perfect Lone Star State for an entire week with my friend Jessica. Much excitement!

First of all, major props to my parents for fully being on board with this whole plan that I’ve been discussing since October, when Jess and I ruled out the Bahamas and New York City as adventures we’ll have to have at a later time, preferably when we have a bit more money and experience surviving on our own. For now, we’re totally ok with staying at her place in Austin for the week while we hit up San Antonio, Houston, and Austin Rodeo. You heard that right. Your girl is going to be out there with the cowboys and bull riders. And we all know what this means.

I need boots.


And I just love these.

I officially have three weeks to pull together $200 from extra shifts and tips and odd jobs and maybe giving blood or donating organs, who knows really. Lord bless my soul. But honestly, what is a Texas trip without a good pair of western boots.

And now, it is 2:40 AM and I am crashing off of my caffeine high. Sweet dreams of worn leather and smoked brisket and bluebonnets to all of you.




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