On Wednesdays We…

… develop very intense athletic aspirations.

SO, this weekend was spent with a very dear friend of mine, Jenna-Leigh, competitive pentathlete and fencer extraordinaire. And thus, I have been introduced to the world of fencing.

My first lessons were tonight, working on conditioning and basic attack and retreat footwork. I’ll be practicing in the épée style, which basically means a lot smaller movements, different rules for right-of-ways, and a few other key differences that I’ve either already forgotten or I just haven’t been exposed to yet (I’m not crazily yielding a sword, contrary to popular belief and the natural assumption given my awkwardness.)

So far, I’ve been told that I have really good form for a beginner, and it all feels natural and controlled, which is awesome because I missed having a sport that I am (decently) good at and actually willing to work for. It seems a little strange, getting involved in something like that so late, but I’m beyond excited. And training with Jenna is really motivational. The worst part is obviously getting back in the swing of things: running and doing ab workouts, and strengthening key muscle groups in my arms and legs. It’s been 2 days of working out again and I totally feel it, but it’s good.

So that’s my latest adventure, to say the least. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on how this goes! Who knows, if I can get one of my other friends to teach me how to properly swim we may have a future pentathlete on our hands!

Oh, and of course I have ten minutes until Thursday, giving me a little time to include some Wednesday inspiration to get everyone through the rest of the week ( TWO MORE DAYS!)


And here we are! I thought this properly ties everything together, given the fitness nature of this post. Ok I’m off to study for a lovely Mass Media test I totally blanked about yay!

cheers to all!



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