“A Smile is the Best Introduction”



Hey there! Introductions are generally rather painful for me, so I decided that a quick Q&A would suffice so we can carry on to the fun(ner) stuff. So here you are… Enjoy!

“Who are you?” 

I’m Audrey. I’m a freshman in college in the South. I love to travel, eat, shop, and watch reruns of No Reservations. Someday I want to work for an advertising agency (hopefully in Chicago). 

“What does De Bon Matin mean?”

It translates in French to “bright and early.” 

“So why is that the title?”

I debated and stressed for a very very long time over the title of this blog, which is pretty dang ironic considering that it’s supposed to be an anxiety reliever. After failing to think of fun puns that had anything to do with my name, I settled on this French saying for two reasons. The first is that I love French and Paris and I’m working really hard to go sometime soon. The second reason is it kind of defines my life right now. Bright and early at the brink of adulthood. Wide-eyed, anxious, excited, and admittedly terrified for the next couple of years. 

I’m fairly certain that covers most of the basics. Feel free to jump over to the page titled The Jist of It for a bit more information if you’re feeling up to it. Otherwise, thanks for joining me on this adventure! 






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