A New Year


My first resolution of the year was simply to have more reasonable resolutions, a goal I believe I’ve accomplished fairly well.

Here are a few of my goals for the new year:

1) Be more involved on campus, particularly in the few clubs that I discovered last semester. I want to be able to make a lasting impression somewhere, which isn’t particularly easy in a school of 50,000.

2) Limit my spending to “The List.” I have terrible retail therapy issues that can only be resolved with extreme self-control. And with a new job and some extra cash, I know I have to be extra careful. Therefore, I’ve created a list limiting everything I can buy for myself (not necessities) for the semester. I am so beyond determined to actually own more than $100 at any given time.

3) Be happy with myself. Still a work in progress

4) Do something artistic every day. I’m including blogging in this, since writing is OBVIOUSLY a form of expression.

5) Utilize an actual agenda. My year is currently being planned all in Kate Spade, in an effort to keep my time more organized.

6) Be less quick to emotional responses. (i.e. cry less, think more.)

7) Get more sleep! Even if I want to stay up until 2 am attempting to finish season 5 of Gossip Girl.

8) Take more pictures. One of my regrets is not taking nearly enough over break. And also have my picture taken. At some point. When I have money.

9) Take more risks for myself. I don’t really know what that entails, but I’m thinking that when I see it I’ll know.

10) Stop comparing myself to other people. There’s always going to be differences, but there’s no reason to feel inferior because I am me. And honestly, I’m pretty dang fabulous.


I decided that this year I want to go with the trends and do a 2014 word of the year to live by. So… drum roll please…


Fearless. I’m steadily coming to terms with the fact that my future is in my own hands, and I can do whatever I’d like with it, and mistakes are ok.

So here’s to (belated) new years, and new beginnings! May we make the best of them!




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